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5 Ways to get your Dream Job!

There is a shortage of talent, but that will change soon. Unemployed or underemployed people are sitting on the sidelines – right now there’s an excess of employers hiring who can’t find workers so don’t wait until it’s too late! Get ahead by looking for new jobs NOW because these opportunities won’t last forever...

Engineering Recruitment Specialists

‘Tell us about yourself’: how to answer those common, but tricky job interview questions

Job interviews are a rite of passage. It’s often a very stressful process. You only have one chance to make a strong enough impression to make it to the shortlist (and eventually get that job), which is why it helps to be prepared. While jobs differ... continue reading on careers 24...



Research about the company: Visit the company website, explore their social media (LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter, etc) to gain general understanding of the organization. Ensure to research the industry which the company operates in. Understanding the company and its values help you prepare for possible interview questions.

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