12 Tips for a better CV!

The goal of your CV should be to present yourself and your skills in a quick and accessible manner, here is how you can do that:

engineering recruitment interview tips mail

Email Address

Always have the correct email address as well as your number on your CV

engineering recruitment interview tips word and pdf

Word & PDF

Have a PDF and a Word version of your CV as well.

engineering recruitment interview tips CV layout

Email Address

Depending on your job hunt criteria, if you apply to a company directly change the CV layout and name. Example - CV of John Doe (Nedbank) for the IT Administrator. Extra effort is always nice.

Cover Letter

Keep your introduction and cover letter short and sweet, mention why you are applying and what you can offer the company.

List your Skills

List all your technical skills that you have built up during your work experiences, even those that you have very basic knowledge in. Example – C#, Word, Canva.

Work Experience

List your most recent work experience first.

Main duties...

If you have a long CV, mention the last 10 years, and only place the name of the company, years worked and 3 main duties for the previous positions.


It is also a good idea to mention the reason for leaving all your previous and current companies.

engineering recruitment interview tips CV skills honest


Be open and honest on your CV as well, since the truth might come out during your interview which will count against you.

engineering recruitment interview tips CV skills double check

Double Check

If working through a recruiting agency, asked that your retyped CV should be sent to you first for proofreading to check if the information is correct.

engineering recruitment interview tips CV skills social media


Update your different job portals such as LinkedIn and FB.

Get in the door...

The CV is to get you the interview, your personality, goals, and values get you the job.

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