It's all about you!
Your elevator speech

Posted – 2024/02/12 

It’s all about you! Preparing your elevator pitch.

In the realm of job interviews, the opening question, “Tell me something about yourself,” has become a cliché. Many candidates simply answer this question by running the interviewer through their resume. Not only can this bore the interviewers, but it also squanders valuable interview time.

Time to change tactics as this open question can be your best weapon in the entire interview. Read on to learn how you could use it to make a statement and deliver your message.

The Elevator Pitch

The sole purpose of an elevator pitch is to convince someone of something during roughly the amount of time you’d spend riding an elevator with someone.

This brief narrative, lasting no more than two minutes, should serve as your personal advert, tailored specifically to the job and the company you are interviewing for. It goes beyond the superficial details of your resume, offering a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are the best fit for the role.

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Designing your elevator pitch

Crafting a successful elevator pitch involves strategic thinking and careful preparation. Begin by identifying three to five key qualities that make you a strong candidate, emphasising your skills, commitment to success, and alignment with the company’s values. Translate these into a short, engaging story that avoids technical jargon in favour of a clear and impactful message. Practice and refine your pitch, seeking feedback from others to ensure it resonates effectively.

The pitch

During the interview, deliver your elevator pitch with poise and clarity. Avoid speaking too quickly, as this may indicate an overly lengthy pitch that needs reworking. It’s essential to strike a balance between rehearsed precision and authentic engagement. Tim David, in a Harvard Business Review article, warns against turning the pitch into a commercial instead of a conversation. Connecting with your audience requires genuine interaction, not robotic recitation.


Mastering the art of the elevator pitch is a valuable skill in navigating job interviews. By transforming the standard “Tell me something about yourself” question into an opportunity to showcase your unique qualities and alignment with the company, you elevate your chances of leaving a lasting impression. Approach the pitch with strategic intent, honing it to perfection through thoughtful design and continuous practice.

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